'MISHKA' helping me on the computer!   (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
"MISHKA" helping me on the computer! (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
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"The Barking Bunch"
by Jeanne Rylatt

The Black Russian Kids that are living with us now are:
Andre' & DaBear ~ ChaCha & Danika


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February 28, 2010

De Sagres Black Russian Terrier Blog on Google


We have started a blog on Google also.  So Follow us there also,  if  you would like! 


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February 2, 2010

New DeSagres BRTs Facebook Fan Page

Puppy "Danika"
Puppy "Danika"
I just started a Facebook Fan Page for DeSagres Black Russian Terriers!  I would love you to join me there!!  You can up load pictures of your puppies there also!! 



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November 16, 2009

"Dak's" Story

DAK the Wonder Dog!
DAK the Wonder Dog!
I received an e-mail from fellow BRT owner and Trainer,  Deborah Wiese, about her dog "Dak".  It is a sad but also wonderful story.  Deborah has allowed me to put this on my webiste.  I hope it helps other BRT owners when faced with difficult decisions about their dogs.

"I have a success story to share about my BRT.   It has been the longest 6 week of my life.   Slawny Wasyl Black Happy “DAK” was lame.   After days of rest, and no change, I took him to Loomis Basin Vet Clinic.  Dr....


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October 19, 2009

People are friendlier when they are out with their pets from Dr Andrew Jones' Newsletter

People are friendlier when they are out with thier pets
from Dr Andrew Jones Newsletter

Have you ever noticed How much easier it is to start a conversation with someone walking a dog ( or perhaps their cat)?

We were away in Spokane this weekend,

and the hotel we stayed in was filled

with dogs- or at least people walking

their dogs through the lobby.


And dog owners just migrate towards each other and start talking..


Would the world not be a better place

if mos...


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August 7, 2009

Hospice Care for Pets from the Pet Wellbeing Newsletter

Hospice Care for Pets




Gone are the days of immediate euthanasia upon hearing a veterinarian's diagnosis about the deteriorating health of a beloved pet - thankfully!

These days, caring pet owners are seeking hospice care for their sick and dying pets. Hospice care, usually overseen by a veterinarian, helps pets and other animals who are suffering with heart or kidney failure, or other kind of terminal illness, to die peacefully in their homes surrounded by their lov...


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May 17, 2009

HSUS Expose' on YouTube


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May 17, 2009


We said a tearful "goodbye" to our Beloved "Sergei" yesterday
We remember the first day we saw him bound out of his crate at the airport.  He was the cutest big puppy we ever saw!  Big paws!!!  From that day forward he was the love of our lives!  He did everything with us!  He was constantly a part of our lives for 15 beautiful years.  We will miss you "Sergei" our dearest friend and companion.


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March 12, 2009

Cha Cha's Litter's 1st Evaluation - 6 weeks

AKC Judge - Joyce Vanek 
1st Evaluation - 6 weeks

Joyce Vanek did the first litter evaluation last night.
It was very interesting.  All of the puppies were very cooperative and didn't squirm too much at all.  They allowed Joyce to examine teeth and stack them to check confirmation...Teeth are coming nicely.... testicles are coming down (for the boys, this is important)... eyes are still changing color... We have an idea which ones have that "Show Attitude"  then we let them all go play...


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February 26, 2009

Puppies Puppies Puppies Every Where!!

There is no keeping the puppies confined anymore!  They are busy!!  Two of them are climbing from the Grooming/Whelping room up the step into the Laundry room!  I'll bet the rest of the bunch will be making the climb by tomorrow!  Darrell and I are going to take individual pictures this weekend. 


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February 4, 2009

Cha Cha's Puppies are Growing Like Weeds!

We are very pleased at what a wonderful Mom Cha Cha is!  She is keeping the puppies clean as a whistle and feeds them so well that they are like little butter balls!  Each one is being wonderful about our daily stimuation exercises and taking it in stride.   


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