'MISHKA' helping me on the computer!   (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
"MISHKA" helping me on the computer! (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
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April 18, 2011

Encouraging Your Dog to Drink - Dr Jon's "Today's Pet Tip"


Another great tip from Dr Jon!!

Encouraging Your Dog to Drink


Proper hydration is crucial in the healing process; however, the ill or painful dog may not be interested in drinking. It is important NOT to force water into your dog, as it could lead to aspiration pneumonia if your dog is not swallowing appropriately.

Listed below are several options to encourage your dog to intake water.

1. Give your dog an ice cube to lick.
2. Allow your dog to lick water from your hand or your finger.
3. Feed canned dog food, as it has a higher water content.
4. Add warm water or low-sodium broth to your dog's food.
5. With your veterinarian's permission, offer small amounts of Pedialyte.
6. Adding an ice cube to the water bowl can encourage some dogs to drink.

If your dog is weak and not interested in food or water, see your veterinarian.


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