'MISHKA' helping me on the computer!   (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
"MISHKA" helping me on the computer! (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
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November 16, 2009

"Dak's" Story

DAK the Wonder Dog!
DAK the Wonder Dog!
I received an e-mail from fellow BRT owner and Trainer,  Deborah Wiese, about her dog "Dak".  It is a sad but also wonderful story.  Deborah has allowed me to put this on my webiste.  I hope it helps other BRT owners when faced with difficult decisions about their dogs.

"I have a success story to share about my BRT.   It has been the longest 6 week of my life.   Slawny Wasyl Black Happy “DAK” was lame.   After days of rest, and no change, I took him to Loomis Basin Vet Clinic.  Dr. Matt Tinwaulde strongly suggested x-rays.  The toe didn’t look good, so we aspirated the toe and the lymph node and took x-rays of the chest to make sure the lungs were clear.  The waiting was so hard.  The results were inconclusive.   We then biopsied the toe.  More waiting, and still inconclusive.  Dak was on antibiotics and pain meds this whole time and absolutely NO improvement.  Dr. Matt said taking the toe was absolutely necessary.  Dr. also suggested taking the lymph node at the same time.   The toe came back with cancer.  I was devastated.   Dr. Matt had submitted the lymph for biopsy after the results came back on the toe.  It took less the 72 hours to get the results, and they were NEGETIVE.   Needless to say, I am so happy we amputated the toe.   I now have my DAK for much longer.
I hope by sharing my story it could help someone with a difficult decision. "

Deborah Wiese
Who Trains Who
Pet Obedience


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