'MISHKA' helping me on the computer!   (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
"MISHKA" helping me on the computer! (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
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"The Barking Bunch"
by Jeanne Rylatt

The Black Russian Kids that are living with us now are:
Andre' & DaBear ~ ChaCha & Danika


March 12, 2009

Cha Cha's Litter's 1st Evaluation - 6 weeks

AKC Judge - Joyce Vanek 
1st Evaluation - 6 weeks

Joyce Vanek did the first litter evaluation last night.
It was very interesting.  All of the puppies were very cooperative and didn't squirm too much at all.  They allowed Joyce to examine teeth and stack them to check confirmation...Teeth are coming nicely.... testicles are coming down (for the boys, this is important)... eyes are still changing color... We have an idea which ones have that "Show Attitude"  then we let them all go play and they were awesome!  We rolled balls and gave them socks or pull toys to play with and they all were very curious and ran after the balls and carried the toys around in their mouths.  No one was timid!  They were all ready for the next toy or play exercise!!  This is just exactly what we look for at this stage!

We still aren't sure exactly which boy or girl will go to which family yet.  There blooming of personalities as the days go on and we will be watching closely and taking notes.  At least we know names as we decide which is which.  I hope that makes sense.


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