'MISHKA' helping me on the computer!   (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
"MISHKA" helping me on the computer! (Mishka Mishka has gone to the (Rainbow Bridge. We miss our Mishka!)
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"The Barking Bunch"
by Jeanne Rylatt

The Black Russian Kids that are living with us now are:
Andre' & DaBear ~ ChaCha & Danika


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December 14, 2012

5 of the Most Common Chronic Diseases and Conditions in Pets by Dr Becker


In its 2012 report, Banfield focused on five chronic pet health problems that have been increasing at an alarming rate in recent years:

Overweight and obesity. Since 2007, overweight and obesity have increased by 37 percent in dogs and a whopping 90 percent in cats.

Arthritis. Over the past five years, arthritis has increased 38 percent in dogs and 67 percent in cats. And to no one’s surprise, 40 percent of arthritic dogs and 37 percent of arthritic cats are also overweight.



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October 11, 2011

Dr Jon's "Today's Pet Tip"

Medication Toxicity

Some common medications can have serious effects on animals if not used correctly.

If your pet has ingested an unprescribed medication, contact your veterinarian or local veterinary emergency facility.

Give the name of the medication, how many and what dose your pet received, what time the ingestion could have occurred, as well as pet information such...


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October 4, 2011

Puppy Vaccines

Danika x Petrovich puppies
Danika x Petrovich puppies

Puppy's Health and Vaccinations

We are always concerned about maintaining the highest standards to keep our dogs and puppies healthy so they can live long, high quality lives.   Recently, another breeder informed us of a new vaccine that has made a tremendous difference in the way she vaccinates her dogs.  The vaccine is called NEOPAR.  NEOPAR was co-developed at the height of one of the nation's worst epidemics of Parvo by Dr. Bob Page of Dresden, Tennessee.  NEOPAR is from 700% to 6500% m...


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October 1, 2011

Danika & Petrovich Puppies R Here!!

We are proud to announce the birth of 9 big beautiful Black Russian Terrier puppies that were born to DeSagres "DANIKA's" Myechta, CGC, RA and Ch Black Star A-Petrovich.

5 Males
4 Females

We are very excited about these puppies.  This litter is the culmination of our foundation lines in this one breeding!!  We are very excited to keep a girl from this litter to go forward with.  Allison and Doug McCormick are getting a girl from this litter to start their Black Russian breeding progr...


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September 4, 2011

Danika is having puppies!

Yes, our girl Danika is having her first litter of puppies! 

Danika was bred to Petrovich!  Dr. Sheri Simon confirmed the pregnacy September 1, 2011!  She should deliver October 1st.  We are  giving her plenty of regular exercise... walking to the pond every day..and of course, she a her mama, Cha Cha are keeping the squirels in the trees... That is a lot of running... we have a lot of squirels!!  She is normally a pretty picky eater... well she is eating every thing she can get her paws o...


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July 20, 2011

Teaching Your Dog to Paddle

from the Blue Buffalo Newsletter!

During the dog days of summer, a dunk in the pool, lake, or ocean can be refreshing, not just for you but for your pooch as well — if he’s a strong swimmer. Not all dogs are meant to take the plunge, however. Learn how to determine whether your dog has the ability, then follow these suggestions to teach him effectively.



Natural swimmers
Dogs bred for water based
jobs include:

  • Akita
  • American Water Spaniel
  • Barbets
  • ...


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June 4, 2011

Melissa wins first place!

Melissa won first place today with Cha Cha at the National Grooming Competion in Denver, Colorado. 


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May 23, 2011

Melissa is BACK!

Our long time friend and owner of "Sybil", Melissa Fidge is now grooming and showing for us!

Melissa is an artist, silversmith and fabulous groomer!  We feel so fortunate to have Melissa back with us again!!! 


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April 18, 2011

Encouraging Your Dog to Drink - Dr Jon's "Today's Pet Tip"


Another great tip from Dr Jon!!

Encouraging Your Dog to Drink


Proper hydration is crucial in the healing process; however, the ill or painful dog may not be interested in drinking. It is important NOT to force water into your dog, as it could lead to aspiration pneumonia if your dog is not swallowing appropriately.

Listed below are several options to encourage your...


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April 9, 2011

DeSagres Morana Cerna Holka

Congratulations to Claire and Cory Blythe on Mora's BOB!

And Mora was Owner Handled by Claire Blythe!!  First time to show Mora herself!!  We are very proud of both of them!


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