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We love what we do!  We are proud of the dogs we produce!


July 23, 2013
"Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Audi is now 11 months old and an awesome dog.  He is gentle, loving and extremely social.  He is my son's dog and he actually uses him as a pillow sometimes. My seven year old daughter plays tag and tug of war with him constantly.  He plays with two other puppies in the neighborhood almost every day.  He is truely a special and wonderful dog.  When we are walking him almost everyone we come across can't get over what a pretty dog he is and how social.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family."
Jodi Asarch
April 21, 2013
Bogey's Mom, Holland wrote this wonderful letter as Bogey dictated it to her...
Thank you so much Holland!
Dear Ms. Jeanne,
"Bogey" here, just wanted to drop a note to tell you how happy I am at my new home.  I have the greatest human family around.  I love my “Mom” and follow her everywhere!  She takes me in the car on a lot of her errands, and it’s the best!  My “Dad” wrestles with me and takes me for walks, we are great pals.  I have a human brother and sister that play with me all the time.  When “Mom” wants us all worn out, she tells us to run laps and we run and run and the kids laugh and I bark really loud because it’s so much fun!
I have graduated from basic training and am getting ready to start advanced and off leash training.  I’m super excited because I get to do the obstacle course!  I work so hard at training and usually get things right the first or second time.  I must admit that I’m a pretty smart dog!
I've gotten to go to several fun places since I moved in with my new family.  We all drove to Dallas, Texas for New Years Eve and the car ride was awesome.  We stayed with family and there were extra kids there, I love kids!
The family and I also took a drive down to Scottsdale Arizona.  I’m a pro at car rides now.  We stayed with some friends that had a little tiny dog named Muffin.  We are best friends now and I shared my treats and my bed with her.  I’m such a charmer (wink).
 While we were in Arizona, I got to meet my “Mom’s” Grandma.  Grandma wasn't feeling well and so I waited until she was settled in her chair and gently put my head in her lap.  I made sure I didn't drink any water before I did that.  She was so happy that she got to hang out with me.  I’m pretty sure that I made her feel lots better!
Our next big trip is to Sioux City, Iowa!  I’m so excited to visit a new state.
I wanted to let you know that every time we are out, people want to visit with me!  My family tells everyone how wonderful I am, and how happy they are that I’m in their family.  They love me so much and I can tell that I’m living the good life.  Sometimes my tail gets a little tired from wagging all the time!
I've attached a few pictures to let you know what I've been up to.  I’m pretty handsome, if I must say so myself!
Thanks so much for picking such a perfect family for me!  I don’t think they could love me anymore than they do.  (“Mom” did get a little mad when I got sick from eating snow – twice! It’s just so much fun to bury my face in.)
Well, I've got to run now.  It’s time to tuck the kids into bed. 
Lots of sloppy kisses,
Latest Letter from Rick & Lindy about their dog Uriah! 
February 2013
Uriah...greatest puppy in the world!
Lindy had to call 911 a few nights ago. There was a guy shouting in front of our house, and about 3 vehicles and numerous people loitering around that had been drinking too much. The police department, and a few guys from my station responded, and caught them in another section of the neighborhood.
I was at work when I got the call from my wife, she said Uriah "was going nuts with his deep mad bark"  He did a GREAT job protecting my wife and 2 kids. There was no way anyone was coming near my family.
We were talking about it last night, and Lindy said, "Ya know, that whole situation with the 911 call was a real testament to Uriah. I never got out of my bed during the entire incident, because Uriah was not going to allow anything or anyone in to our home. Before you got him, I would have never had the peace of mind just to lay in bed. I would have been checking the back yard, making sure no one was back there, checking all the doors to make sure they were locked, and checking the front of the house....But I didn't have to worry about any of that. Uriah took care of it all. I sleep so much better with him (Uriah) being here. After I called 911, I fell asleep right away because he was protecting us."
All of that Jeanne...and then today some people we know came to the door....Uriah saw the Guy and immediately started barking and running at the door to get to him. I gave him a stern "No, Stop, It's o.k" and he quieted down and we let them in our house without any problems. They left and 10 minutes later my wife's 85yld grandmother and 4 of her elderly friends (2 of which are in their 90's) came to our front door after going out to lunch.
They have never seen Uriah, and heard so much about him, they wanted to see and meet him. I saw them coming up the walk way and thought "Oh No!! This is not going to go well, he is going to hit that security door at full force barking and trying to get at them like he normally does to anyone trying to approach our house." Uriah stopped, walked to the security door, and silently acknowledged them and gently approached each of them to see who and what they were about. They walked in to our house and sat around our living room and chatted for awhile while he gently approached each elderly person to get the coveted "pet on the head" and then he quietly escorted them back to the front door when their visit was over....that is the definition of protection with decrement.
The Hannibal Cronicles! 10/17/2012
(Testimonial from Hannibal's owner Robert.) 

Hi, Jeanne I would like to say first thank you a thousand times for giving me so much peace and happiness in my life everyday with Hannibal.There's so much to say about him I could never put it into words. I know its been a long time since I contacted you,but I can not look at Hannibal without knowing the gift you have giving my life. He is a happy and healthy boy who loves people especially children, he is registered as my service/ hearing dog and his temperament is awesome. My late condolence for your sister,once in a lifetime, I hope that you and Darrell are doing well. Congratulations on Cha Cha's babies!! I've been staying in the country most of the time no tv or computer just studying and taking my time with Hannibal. Jeanne here are few pictures I have many in all growing stages I will call you very soon.

The "Uriah" Chronicles!

7 Mo. & 70 lbs.....got him weighed at our vet when I took him in to get his nails clipped...we started his first day of obedience school last night...all of us were there, so as the class goes on we will take some pics. We love our little puppy!!! I took him around the neighborhood and to our park in our community and all the kids came running toward him excited to see the "gorilla dog!" He did great with all the kids petting him and pulling on him...and running around screaming and shooting nerf guns.Just sat their and watched quietly all the chaos going on around him.  Then took him back home and stopped by a neighbor with a 6 mo old, 2 ylds and they came out to see him with the rest of their family, and they pulled on his beard, tail, and stuck their hands in his face and were all over him....(I told them how to pet, and approach him, but like typical kids they ignored me)...Uriah just sat their patiently and let them do what ever they wanted...he was great! He is VERY protective already...the bug man came in our back yard to spray, and Uriah just about went through the window to get at him...
The "Apollo" Chronicles!

Hi Jeanne!  How are you?  I bet things are quiet at your house now.  Well, Apollo is doing wonderful!!!! I love the slide show. I have more pictures to put on it.  I will do it sometime this weekend. Apollo and I just got back from the vet. I got his frontline and heartguard. 

OMG!! Everyone loves him.  He never meets a stranger.  He even fell asleep on the table.  Our vet was so impressed.  I just had to tell you.  She was just kissing all over him.  And he was her too!  She said she can tell he seems to be adjusting well because of his behavior and how comfortable he seems.  I am so glad.  Potty training is going well. Oh and he is already 26 pounds. He is such a big boy.  I carry him like a baby, but I don't know how much longer I will be able to do that. LOL!  We start our obedience classes next week.  I am so excited.  Also, they recommended him to spend a day every now and then in daycare just so he can socialize with the other dogs.  Ok.  I have to go get the kids from school.  Talk to you soon.  And again, thanks for such a wonderful dog!
The "Daisy" Chronicles!

 Hi Jeanne, I just finished day 2 of training with our new trainer (Cathy Johnston) who is going to show us the ropes for showing and she wanted me to pass on her complements to you for producing such a wonderful pup. She has Malinois and Border Collies and is a self proclaimed dog "snob" who had only met one other B...lack Russian Terrier and was not impressed with his temperament or the owners ability to handle him ( he was very aggressive!). But after meeting and working with Daisy and I she is happy to say she loves her! So, kudos to you for breeding such wonderful temperaments into your dogs from Cathy and I. We start treadmill training next week!! Can't wait, soon we'll be able to get exercise even if we end up with a week of rain!! :)

From Denise and "Daisy"  (Cha Cha & Petrovich Litter)

Talya Chronicles

She is truly a sweetheart.  She has her teenage moments but I really think she is what keeps our Saint Bernard going.  She will be 11 years old next month and Talya keeps her playing.  She is starting to feel her age as she has moments of getting up pretty slow and not excited about having to climb the stairs, but then I have days like that myself.
I believe she is a happy girl, I know we are with her. She has just been a real joy.
I was surprised to see the pictures with the snow.  I haven’t paid much attention to the weather out there so I was shocked to see puppy pictures with them in the snow.  Wow, I don’t know about you guys but we didn’t even have a summer this year.  Talya and I were in the pool for 15 minutes this year and that was it. She had her big kid pool on the deck  so she was happy.
Anyway,  good to hear from you.  I always go out and  check the website. I swear if I lived closer I would come get your 7 year old boy.   He just looks like a sweetheart, and I am sure he is. 
If I don’t hear from you again, I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.  I can’t even believe the holidays are here already.  this year zoomed by way to fast.
So, take care, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Baby Talya
Baby Talya
Talya Chronicles

I had to tell you.  today is October 10th.  We went to school today and graduated Advanced school and then we had what we thought was a practice for the Canine Good Citizen Certification and we were actually being tested.  We passed!!! Yeah!!!!  We have been going to school ever since I got her and we have finally gone all the way through.  I was so proud of her she did so good.  I also tested my Keeshond, who has also been through school and she passed too.  I figured if Talya and her were going to be buddies they may as well finish school together. 
She is doing great, she is big, but that is all the more to love.
Hope all is well with you and your family.
I’ll be in touch, hopefully with some new pictures.

'Dora' and 'Talya' Kissing (sooo sweeeet)
"Dora" and "Talya" Kissing (sooo sweeeet)
The Talya Chronicles
by Dru Graves 6/16/09

Good Morning,
Thought I’d send you another update.  Weighed Talya last week, probably for the last time since she weighed 45 lbs and she is even bigger this week.  Even the instructor at school can see her growing each week and is amazed.  I am used to toting 48 lbs of dog food but that is my limit anymore.
She is doing good. Feisty as ever in the morning ready to rumble.  She is so funny.  It figures they always know when I am on the phone, I was talking to my mom long distance last night and she got the whole pack running up and down the stairs and around the basement.  Usually the geriatrics are just wanting to be left alone but once in awhile they get this wild hair and think they are puppies.   I couldn’t believe they got so crazy and at 8pm when they are settling down for the night.  That is ok, I opened the door and they all went flying out the door.  I think because it was in the 60s and cool it gets their juices flowing or something. 
We graduate beginner school this Saturday.  She has just done excellent.  She is just so smart.  Next weekend we start intermediate class and will be going for 8 more weeks. 
I have been keeping up the puppy, puppy thing every now and then but I have to be careful because she thinks she is still a baby and comes flying at me and jumping in my face for her kisses.  She has not forgotten.  You should see her.  It’s funny to see her come flying.  She loves her kisses though, which is not hard to give.  I wake up in the morning with her putting a paw on each side of my head and licking my face.  She is such a lover.
So, that is about all the news here. 
Hope you and your family have a Happy Fathers Day.  Since Talya was my birthday present, which is on Father’s Day, I guess maybe Talya and I will have to have a treat together.  I told Larry I really think it stinks I have to give him a gift on my Birthday.  He is in a golf tournament all weekend so I told him his Father’s day gift is he gets to play golf on my birthday.  Just giving him a bad time of course.  It’s just another day to me, no big deal.  But I have to rub it in when I can.
So, once again.  Hope you get to have your family together and enjoy the day together.
Talk to you soon,  

The Talya Chronicles
by Dru Graves 5/14/09

Just wanted you to know Talya weighs 33.4 lbs as of 5/13/09.  She is a pistol.  She is half way through beginner school and is sharp as a tack, even the teacher is so impressed.  You show her something twice and she has it.  I am so amazed. We still are having a little difficulty with OFF command because she gets so excited. But that is part of puppy.  Her and Dara (keeshond) are so cute together.  they are finally buds.  They lay on the bed and and just lick each others faces at the same time.  it is so funny.  She is just growing like a weed.  She loves her baby pool and just loves the hose. I spend a lot of time drying towels.  I have a groomer mega force dryer and it gets a workout.
Just wanted to update you on “Sweetness”. 
I’ll keep you posted and try and figure out how to download pictures from my phone.

The Talya Chronicles
by Dru Graves 4/27/09

Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how Talya is doing.  She holds her own, she has guts I’ll tell ya.  I will be happy when the puppy biting is over.  We have lots of Frozen toys for the teething. 
She is growing like a weed.  I can’t believe it.  She is such a good girl, when she isn’t biting.  It’s so wonderful to have a dog that can sit outside and the neighbors screaming kids playing and running around and she just sits and watches and doesn’t bark. What a blessing.  My others bark but then I have caught the kid next door teasing the dogs so I supervise when they are out anymore.
Anyway, she started puppy school Saturday.  She is a fast learner.  I think she had a good time.  There were a few yappy dogs and one got in her face and started yapping and she stood up and barked back in her face and that was that.   I didn’t blame her one bit because I was ready to do the same thing.
Anyway, she is doing good.  Everybody is getting along fairly well.  The older ones are still just old grumpy farts and she pretty much has learned to not be so playful with them.  Her and the Saint Bernard are getting along but the Saint wants to play with her but just looks at her like, you’re kinda small, what do I do with you?  I can’t toss you on the ground like Dara cause you don’t have all that hair.  She licks the saints face when she is laying down and she gives Dara (keeshond) a run for her money.  She chases her all over the place which is good. Dara is over weight but I think that is about to change now.  I have to say she is a joy.  We just love her to pieces.
Hope all is well with you and yours.  I bet your house is really quite now.  aren’t you lonely without all the puppies?

Vita Update
From Andrea Ache-Witmer

Dear Jeanne: 

VITA WON FIRST PRIZE IN HER FIRST PUPPY MATCH/SWEEPSTAKES!  She won in 9-12 month bitches in the working group.  Rock had quite an entourage there to support him and they both did very well.  Everyone we know said she looked beautiful.  We will let you know how she does today! We have got to get her down to Gayle's so she can watch Rock handle her and get her advice.   Hope all is well with you! 

9 Month Stoli Update!

by Deanne Grafe

It’s hard to believe that Stoli is already 9 months old.  He’s growing fast and is already over 100 lbs and he doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping anytime soon.  Everyone who meets him thinks that he’s full grown; of course we’ve had those comments since he was 4 months old!

He absolutely loooooves the snow and cold weather of Minnesota and would spend the whole day outside if we let him.  He loves to tunnel under the snow and roll in it and especially eat it.  You can definitely tell that he’s bred for the Russian winters, because he’s built for it and never seems to get cold!

He is a social butterfly and loves to go to the office with Judd, where he entertains everyone with all his tricks and commands.  Everyone takes turns playing with him and on Stoli’s office days, not much work gets done!  Stoli just adores Judd and when he hears him coming home, his whole back end starts wagging around so much that he can barley walk.  It’s hilarious – and as much as Stoli adores Judd, I think Judd loves him even more.  They have so much fun together and already have a great bond. 

 Isaiah, our 12 year old son, who is maybe 75 lbs soaking wet, loves to have Stoli do the “up” command, where Stoli jumps up and puts his two front feet on Isaiah chest and just towers over him.  It’s amazing because he does it so gently that Isaiah doesn’t  topple right over.    He is great with the kids and the cats are even starting to like him!

 Stoli is enrolled in Canine Good Citizen classes and is doing very well.  His only problem is that there are just so many bottoms to sniff and just not enough time…His instructor seemed a little nervous at first when we enrolled in the class, because of his age and the research she had done on the breed – (big, black, scary, Russian Army guard dog), but she’s been thrilled with his temperament and how well he gets along with all the dogs and how social he is.  He’s just a big sweetheart! 

We buy Stoli Jones all natural lamb puffs and other wonderful treats from SitStay.com and I signed up for their newsletter to get information on sales and new items.   They mentioned in the newsletter that they periodically will use cute pet pictures that they receive on their website.  I thought I’d send one in of Stoli, never thinking they would use it and 2 weeks later, we received an email saying that he was on their home page.  What a treat that was! 

Thanks again for such an awesome puppy! 


'Nika' McNeiley  This girl always makes me smile
"Nika" McNeiley This girl always makes me smile


"Veronika" McNeiley Update!
by Rebecca McNeiley

We took Nika with us to Kansas City for Christmas.  She is an INCREDIBLE traveler!  She gets in the car and we have to keep checking to make sure we didn't forget her.  She's so quiet!  She was a great guest, too.  We had 20 people and a boxer in my Mom's small house on Christmas eve.  She mingled and greeted everyone, but was never in the way...even though she's big.  And everyone loved her!  She's so gentle and soft...my family was fighting over getting to pet her.  We also took her to Laird's parents Christmas day.  They live in a very small place, but Nika was never in the way.  After Christmas, she had a great time walking around Loose Park with her cousin, Dixie (a black lab mix). 
I'm going to be getting in touch with the Douglas County Library.  They have a program called "Barks for Books" where children who struggle with reading can read to dogs!    She'll have to get her Therapy Dog Cert., but I think she's a great candidate for the program.  They want gentle, approachable dogs that kids want to touch.  And, they need to lay still while being read to.  Doesn't that sound fun???  I know she'll love it!  And, she's pretty well trained already.  I don't think it will take long to get her Therapy certified. 
STOLI with 'his' Lexi!
STOLI with "his" Lexi!

6 ½  Month "STOLI" Update     By Deanne Grafe

Stoli is the Best Dog!!!  That’s what we hear almost every day from strangers and family and friends…  Everyone is amazed that at 6 months he is so well behaved and so BIG!  He’s 85 pounds now and is all solid muscle.  His neck is so big that we already are in the largest collar size and he just continues to grow.  He loves going to Isaiah’s football games and he wears a yellow handkerchief around his neck and everyone says that he’s the Yellowjacket’s team mascot.  He has so much fun meeting all the new people and seeing his old friends and he is very good around children too.  They seem to just be drawn to him… 

We start our Canine Good Citizen class next month and I’m sure Stoli will be the youngest in class, but even though he’s the youngest he’s also usually the smartest too!  His intelligence still surprises us and it’s amazing how quickly he learns, unless of course there’s a cute dog in the area and then everything he hears and or knows goes out the window… he’s quite the Romeo.

He walks Lexi and Isaiah to the bus everyday and won’t leave until the bus is completely out of site and he’s the first one to greet them when they get off the bus too!  There’s nothing like watching a kids with their dog.   He always has them laughing and smiling.  Our cats still aren’t sold on this giant, bear-like creature though, but they are slowly learning to put up with him.  He’s wonderful and just wants to play with them, but they will have none of it!

Stoli had his first experience with frost yesterday and was in heaven, so I can just imagine the first snow fall.  He’s going to love Minnesota!!!  I hope you enjoy all the pictures – I went a little crazy, but he’s so photogenic and the Fall weather has been wonderful!  Thanks again for such an awesome dog!


Stoli is 5 Months
by Deanne Grafe

Stoli is so wonderful – we all are so in love with him.  He’s like a giant teddy bear (with a big drooling beard).  Everyone that meets him is so impressed with his looks and his personality.  He is very well behaved and loves to show off all his tricks and commands.  My husband is sure that he’s the smartest dog ever born.
J  Stoli charms everyone he meets! 

We spent one night at a friend’s cabin last weekend and they are not dog people, so we had my Mom come and stay with Stoli and the cats while we were gone and she loved watching him and said that she wanted to kidnap him… and if he ever disappears – not to check her house! 

Stoli cooling off in the ice. :-)
Stoli cooling off in the ice. :-)
Stoli has been growing up so fast.  At five months he is 63 pounds and his back is 25 inches tall (I’m sure there’s a correct term for this, but I don’t know what it is).  He has such a barrel chest.  I have a feeling he’s going to be a big boy like his Daddy, Andre!

 He has made our family complete.


Deanne & Judd

Vita - Portuguese Water Dog or Black Russian Terrier!!
Vita - Portuguese Water Dog or Black Russian Terrier!!
"Vita"  Update!
by Andrea Ache-Whitmer

Is this a Portugese Water Dog or Black Russian Terrier? As you can see Miss Vita loves to swim....we can't keep her out of the pool. She is growing by leaps and bounds. She has a wonderful calm personality and is very well socialized to people and other animals- she especially loves our cat Ruby. I have been in touch with Gayle. We would like to take Vita to see her so she can help to evaluate her and let us know if there is anything special we should work on. I'm sure we'll both be in touch after our visit. Hope all is well with you. WE ABSOLUTELY ADORE VITA!!!!!!! Thank you again. Kisses to all your BRTS....

Hannah, Laird & Rebecca McNeiley with 'Nika'
Hannah, Laird & Rebecca McNeiley with "Nika"
"Nika's" Travels
by Rebecca McNeily
(We) Wanted to let you know what a GREAT puppy we have! 
August 1st we drove to Kansas City, MO (a 10 hour trip).  She was so good in the car!  Then, August 2, we drove 4 hours to Saint Louis to visit Hannah's Godparents.  Nika and I stayed with them while Hannah attended an Exploring Church Careers conference at the Seminary. 
Our friends have 3 young girls (two age 4 and one age 2).  The trip was great for the girls (who were a bit unsure of dogs) and Nika (who learned that little kids aren't puppies).  It was wonderful socialization for the puppy.  By the time we left (August 8), the girls were leading Nika around and she was licking them and being super cute!  They even had a birthday party while we were there.  There were so many people at the house I put Nika in her crate.  She was very quiet and actually seemed glad to have a place to get out of the crowd.  The kids would all talk to her and pet her through the wire, but she never barked or made noise. 
Nika & Cauley
Nika & Cauley
Aug 8, we drove back to KC for a few days with my parents.  Nika was very adaptable to her new surrounding and was a very sweet girl the whole time.  Everyone who met her loved her!  Aug 11, we drove back to CO (another 9 hour drive).  She was a super traveler.  She was very happy to be home and play with Cauley.  And even Cauley was glad to see her! 
Thanks again for the great pup!  We're trying to talk Laird into one of the puppies from your next litter...HA!  He's not going for it.  We'll probably have to wait a year or so before we can convince him. 

Veronika aka "Nika" was here for a visit and
we really had fun with her!  She learned some tricks so she could show off for her family when she got home!

She learned to do "GI Joe" !!!  Yea, "Nika" !!



Puppy Kindergarten Graduation!

Way to go, "Stoli"!!  Congratulations !!


Stoli making himself at home
Stoli making himself at home

14 Week Update
by Deanne Grafe

The first time we met Stoli at 9 weeks we fell in love with him and that love has continued to grow over the last month.  When we picked him up we were in awe of how big and beautiful he was and also how well behaved.  And those big sweet eyes – Wow!  He had obviously received wonderful care and love during his first weeks of life from Sybil and Jeanne and Darryl.  We were so excited to bring him home and he blended into our family seamlessly.  (Although the cats weren’t exactly thrilled to see him, but more about that later.)  

Stoli with Lexi
Stoli with Lexi

During Stoli’s first month with us, he’s learned so much.  He’s faced every new situation with confidence and has been a perfect gentleman.  Everywhere we go he draws a crowd and people always want to know, “What kind of dog is that???”  I had a woman run up to me at my son’s camp, saying that she loved our dog and she must find out what kind it is, because they’ve been looking for one and he just fits with everything they wanted.  I told her that he was a Black Russian Terrier and then pointed out that he was just a puppy and would end up being over 100 lbs.  She almost tipped over as a result.  She thought because he was so well behaved and calm that he must be full grown.  She said that she loved him, but was looking for a 30 lb dog full grown.  It was hilarious – but those comments are very common.  Everyone can’t believe how calm and laid back he especially when the find out he’s a puppy and also how soft his fur is.  People expect his fur to be more wiry and course and it is as soft as cotton – people love to pet him...  and I love his cuddles more than anyone.  He’s already too big to lay in my lap without one end or the other sliding off, but he keeps trying.  He’s a real cuddler and so sweet! 

'Hey You Guys, look at me swim!!'
"Hey You Guys, look at me swim!!"

Stoli is just finishing up his puppy kindergarten class and has already learned sit, down, stay, shake, come and touch.  My husband has said that he’s much smarter than any other dog he’s worked with and he’s having so much fun with the training because Stoli picks everything up so quickly.  We knew this was an intelligent breed, but seeing it first hand is exciting.  Our puppy kindergarten class consists of 3 Labs, a German Shorthair, a Boxer and a tiny designer dog who was all of 4 pounds and then Stoli.  The puppies were taken off leash several times during each class for “play time”, but because the designer dog was so small compared to the others, her owner had to hold her during the play times.   The instructors were so impressed with Stoli and how gentle  he played with the other dogs that they suggested he be pulled out to play with her and he was very sweet with her.  It was so comical though to see this tiny puppy playing with the biggest dog in the class.  He is just the best!

Lexi & Isaiah   with Stoli
Lexi & Isaiah with Stoli

We’ve been to our lake home in Wisconsin a couple times since Stoli has joined our family and he has adjusted to two homes really well.  He was a little hesitant about the boat and the lake at first, but now we can’t keep him out of the water.  He’s like a fish and you can definitely see the Newfoundland in him when he’s in the water!  Our children, Lexi and Isaiah are really enjoying having him around and Lexi loves to do tricks with him and he listens so well to her and is very eager to please. 

Stoli having fun with Dad!!!
Stoli having fun with Dad!!!

He has surpassed our expectations in every way and we are so happy that he has become part of our family.  Thanks so much to Jeanne and Darryl for doing such a great job with him and to Andre and Sybil for making such a perfect puppy and for Melissa for letting Sybil have this litter.  I highly recommend Desagres BRT’s to anyone considering a Black Russian puppy.  Jeanne has been wonderful to work with and was great sending out updates, photos and videos while the puppies were growing and has been a wonderful resource for advice and information since we’ve brought Stoli home.  


'Nika' and Hannah
"Nika" and Hannah
"Nika's" first professional photo shoot!       (06/29/2007)

Hannah took her Senior Pictures with "Nika"

I think they are buddies... What do you think?

Comments we have received regarding our Dogs:

From: Rock and Andrea Whitmer, Pennsylvania  07/05/2007 
(Vita's photos are in her Album on the Albums page)

"Just a quick note to let you know that Vita is doing so well.  She is a wonderful dog.  She loves to play hard and then pass out under the ceiling fan. She also swims in our pool.   She is getting so big so fast right before our eyes.  She is so light on her feet.  She jumps like our Chihuahua, it is so funny.  We take her everywhere with us.  She is not afraid of anything.  She can sit on command and is learning to heal on lead.  I am sure I told you she was totally housebroken at 9 weeks old.  Our son Alexander adores her, and she now knows our daughter, Sara, is not a chew toy (LOL)."

Paul Manouvrier, New Orleans, Lousiana  06/20/2007
(see his dog "Buka" in the "DeSagres BRT Friends" Album)

"I believe it was a year ago that we were in Billings and got a glimpse of Andre, the 1st BRT that we had ever seen. 7 months later, after a few tries, we had our own puppy. It is proof that Andre is a good ambassador for the breed.  
Buka will be 7 months in a week."

The Talya Chronicles
by Dru Graves 6/4/09

Hello Jeanne,
Well, 2 more weeks and the pups will be 5 months old.  I weighed her this morning and she now weighs 41 lbs.   Everyone is getting along good.  She has our 10 ½ year old Saint Bernard running around the back yard  like she is a puppy.  I just keep praying she doesn’t throw out her hips. 
We will be graduating beginner school the 20th.  I will have her signed up for the first intermediate class after that.  She is doing so good.  There is one dog there that annoys her (me to actually) but that is because the owners don’t have good control over him.  He always jumps and barks and barks at the other dogs and when he gets in her face after a couple times she jumps after him and has a tone to her bark.  I would too. I try and stay distance from him since they don’t want to control him very well.
But, I just wanted to update you.  I only have a few new pictures, they are her and Dara(keeshond) sitting facing each other licking each other’s faces at the same time.  they are so funny.
We had our pool opened today so as soon as it warms up, if ever, I guess we’ll be having some swim lessons.  She has pretty much out grown her baby pool, but she still loves it. 
So, I just wanted to update you, hope all your pups and family are doing well.
I’ll have more pictures soon.  The ones of pool time should be good.
Talk to you again soon.
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