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There is no "One Size Fits All" approach when feeding your Black Russian.  While we feed a modified raw diet... there are many excellent commercial foods on the market.

We are recommending Dick Van Patten's
Sweet Potato and Chicken or his Salmon and Potato
for our puppies.
Blue Buffalo is also a great food.

Many BRTs have sensative stomachs..  Limited Ingredient diets are best for them.

Our experience has been,  a commercial diet wtih high protien... has been too rich for our dogs.  We have experienced vomiting, diarrhea and hot spots.  We recommend a limited ingredient diet, with 21% to 24% protien. 

We send enough of the food that our puppies are eating.

Optagest is also a good supplement for digestion.

Many of the owners of my puppies are having great luck with the following:
  • Fromm
  • Natural Balance Limited Ingredients
  • Nutro Limited Ingredients
  • Blue Buffalo
  • The Salmon and Sweet Potato grain free food from Costco
  • The Turkey and Potato grain free food from Costco
  • Raw Diet
Dog Food Advisor is a very good research site we recommend.


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