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Service Dogs
This page is dedicated to the dogs we have bred that are
Service Dogs and/or Therapy Dogs  &  dogs that we have bred that have "paying" jobs!

(Cha Cha x Andre)
Service & Therapy
Danika is our dog and lives with us full time.  Over the summer she started working with Sunny as a Service Dog
Here are some of the things she does on a regular basis:
Danika accompanies Sunny every where!
  • Rides RTD Bus
  • Rides the Denver Light Rail
  • Rides elevators in office buildings
  • Goes to Doctors appointments
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Store & Department Stores including Costco
  • Baseball games, yes, she has been to the Rockies games!!
Danika has gone with me to the Colorado State Capital representing dogs that work in the community.
Danika is in training to be a Therapy Dog
Goals are for 2013 are for her to go to Craig Hospital
Nushka & Jen and Bartak & Keith  Going home.
Nushka & Jen and Bartak & Keith Going home.
Nushka & Bartak
(Cha Cha x Andre)
We are very proud of these two dogs!  Jen and Keith have done an amazing job of training and caring for these two dogs.  Jen and Keith have nurtured the inherited qualities of service and protection.  And in turn these two dogs are wonderful examples of the proper Black Russian  Terrier temperament we are striving to breed.
These dogs are grown now and I will be adding pictures along with more information about these awesome dogs.
Jen suffers with Lupus and seisure issues
Keith has Military Service Injuries
Nushka and Bartak are Black & Tan. We are as proud of these dogs as we are of our Solid Black dogs.   We now do DNA color testing.
(Danika x Petrovich)
(Testimonial from Hannibal's owner Robert.) 

Hi, Jeanne I would like to say first thank you a thousand times for giving me so much peace and happiness in my life everyday with Hannibal.There's so much to say about him I could never put it into words. I know its been a long time since I contacted you,but I can not look at Hannibal without knowing the gift you have giving my life. He is a happy and healthy boy who loves people especially children, he is registered as my service/ hearing dog and his temperament is awesome. Once in a lifetime!   I've been staying in the country most of the time no tv or computer just studying and taking my time with Hannibal. Jeanne here are few pictures I have many in all growing stages I will call you very soon.

(Danika x Petrovich)
Lana is in training to work as a cart dog for weddings
and other events in her community.
Watch for more photos and stories about Lana!!
ILLYA's Christmas photo
ILLYA's Christmas photo
(Cha Cha x Andre)
ILLYA is a Service Dog  for a wonderful lady in Washington State.