Black Russian Terriers at work in Russia
Black Russian Terriers at work in Russia
Our Awesome Owners!
 Homemakers and Families.... Business People....
Avid "Health Nuts" and Show People, Breeders, Some need their dog to be a Service Dog...some want a Companion and Protector.
All are awesome people!!  
So many have become friends!  In becoming friends... we learn the most interesting things about our owners!!
Below is just a sampling of some of our owners:

Another Small Business Owner & his family
Professional Dog Handler
Handsome guy selling Commercial Realistate
Zoo Keepers that take care of Gorillas!
Small Business owner & awesome family
An Airforce Pilot &  precious family
  • AnExcutive VP at Johnson & Johnson Companies 
  • Retired NFL Football Coach Retired NFL Football Player
  • An Auctionier
  • A Border Patrol Agent
  •  Jr Handler
  •  Navy Helicopter Pilot
  •  War Veteran
  • Tatoo Aritst (Goes to Sturgis every year)
  • Black Russian Terrier Breeders
  • An Anesthesiologist
  • A Dentist
  • A Psychologist
  • A Romance Novelist
  • A Rugby Player
  • A Radio Personality and Public Speaker
  • Dog Trainer
  • A La Crosse Player
  • A Mtn Climber... Colorado 14ers
  •  A Retired Drummer for Diana Summers!!!
  • A Land Developer
  • A Professional Photographer
  • Cable Television Producer
  • A Traveling Nurse and her Cycling husband
  • Martial Arts Instructor