Are Born in Our Bedroom
These toys make noise to stimulate the puppies
These toys make noise to stimulate the puppies

Have Toys Hanging on the
Side of their Puppy Pen
Baby 'Antonov'
Baby "Antonov"

Puppy Selection:

The puppies are with us until they are 8 to 10 weeks of age.  We do temperament tests at 7 weeks and the litter is evaluated for show and breeding prospects...Those puppies are matched with show homes and performance homes.... I make the selection of which puppy goes to which family after many hours observing the puppies and listening you when we are talking... Some things are so subtle... This process can not be rushed... Raising puppies is such a labor of love for us.... we want to do the very best job possible.  Many times there are more show prospects than there are show homes.  I have placed a show prospect in a companion home simply because it was the right dog for that particular family

Our Purpose in Temperament Testing Our Puppies

A great deal of time and research goes into each mating. Puppy temperament testing enhances our own knowledge of the litter. We strive to produce stable temperaments and puppies that will be a member of the family.

We spend many hours observing the puppies in other settings. We have a familiarity with each puppy and it helps us in the task of choosing the best one to join your family.

Dr. Hammond examining 8 week old puppy.
Dr. Hammond examining 8 week old puppy.

Have their Eyes Examined
by Dr Todd Hammond, DVM
and Board Certified Opthomologist

'Mojo's' Puppy Kindergarten Graduation
"Mojo's" Puppy Kindergarten Graduation
Each puppy has the following before he/she goes to their new home:
Bio-Sersor Programstimulation starting on Day 3
Been Microchipped
*    Tail Cropped and Dewclaws removed

Puppy Imprinting exercises

*    DNA Testing as necessary
*    Eye exam by a board certified veterinary opthomologist
*    Temperament tested  &  AKC Working Breed Judge evaluation

*    Socialization with children, adults, older people and other animals
*    Had several car rides including a trip to the foothills.
*    Vet visits, First Puppy Shots & Kennel Cough Vaccine

*    Registered with AKC

Are Very Well Socialized...

We devote our lives to the puppies first 8 to 10 weeks, giving each of them lots of attention giving them the best start at life.

It is  our hope that the expert care socialization and training that your puppy gets with us will transfer to you having a beautiful well adjusted Black Russian Terrier puppy to add to your family.  It is then your responsibility to continue a lifetime of  socializing and training your dog to cement training and sociaizing that a Black Russian Terrier needs.

The following will let you know what is happening.. those long endless days before you get your puppy!