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Monica Lamontagne's Dog Show Setup
Monica Lamontagne's Dog Show Setup
Our Professional Handler
Monica Lamontagne
All Breed Professional Handler

CERF Exams performed by Dr. Todd Hammond, DVM
Dr Todd Hammond, DVM  Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Dr Todd Hammond, DVM Board Certified Ophthalmologist



Brighton Animal Clinic

Dr. Chad Martin & Dr. Jake Fernandez

Brighton, Colorado, USA



Dr. Todd Hammond
The Eye Clinic
Veterinary Specialist - Ophthalmologist
7630 W. 39th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 422-7444

Wheatridge Animal Hosptial 
Emergencies and Surgery
- 303.424.3325

Brighton Animal Clinic
Reproduction Specialists
Dr. Martin, General Practice

Brighton, Colorado
Reproduction, AI, Semen Storage 303.659.2472

Dr. Sliker
East Springs Animal Hospital,

Colorado Springs, CO
OFA Xrays for Hips & Elbows
Other OFA required testing  - 719.591-4545

UC Davis Vet Diagnostic Lab -University of California
DNA testing - Uric Acid testing - Coat Color Testing
Health Studies


WhelpWise Logo
WhelpWise Logo
Whelping Support


Darrell (My Husband)
Wonderful record keeper and puppy "weigher"


DeSagres Black Russian Terriers
Jeanne Rylatt
Black Russian Terrier | BRT | Russian Black Terrier | RBT |   Black Terrier | Blackie | Russkiy Tchiorny Terrier | Tchiorny Terrier | Chornyi Terrier | Terrier Noir Russe | Russian Bear Schnauzer | Black Russian Terrier Breeder | Black Russian Terrier Puppies | Black Russian Terrier Breeder in Colorado | Black Russian Terrier in Denver, CO | Black Russian Terrier Colorado Rescue | Denver Black Russians |  Denver Black Russian Terriers