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This is a beautiful "Antonov" daughter!!
(Her name is "Zifa" and she lives in Holland!)

Purchase Information

Our puppies are sold as companions on a limited registration and spay/neuter contract.
Please contact us for information for our policy on
Full Registration



Deposit Info:
We have a high demand for our puppies therefore a non-refundable deposit of $1000 is required once the puppies are born.  This deposit is applied to the price of your puppy. 

  We can not hold a puppy with out a deposit.

Forms of Payment:
Deposit may be by check, cash, money order.

We accept credit cards by Pay Pal, also.

Unfortunately we are no longer taking personal checks as final payment.


We ask that final payment is by cash, certified funds or  money order


Delivery of your new puppy:

There are new USDA regualtions regarding placement of puppies.

Until there is more clarification ... you may:
  1. As always, come to our home to pick up your puppy
  2. You may have an agent see your puppy before we send your puppy to you.
  3. We will deliver your puppy to you (for our travel expenses..... either driving or flying)
  4. We will meet you half way.
The new regualtions do not take into consideration the reputation or ethics of the breeder  or past experience........
At this time, if we violate this rule... by shipping  "ONE puppy SIGHT UN SEEN by purchaser or his/her agent"... we will have to be licensed as a commercial breeder. 
This would mean that  our dogs and puppies would have to be kept in a separate building from our home. (otherwise our home would have to have floor drains in the floor.. commercial flooring.. and wall coverings.... so they can be hosed down and sanitized as in a kennel)  I'm sorry but that is not the way I want to raise my precious Black Russian Terrier puppies.  I have spent decades developing the temperament of my dogs and their puppies...Our dogs are family members....They thrive on human contact.I do not agree that this for the welfare of my dogs. 
That being said... We will abide by the rules.... to be able maintain a "home" environment for our dogs and our puppies.  
DeSagres Black Russian Terriers