We have the

All of our puppies have awesome lives!!!

To all of our owners:
Thank you for giving wonderful
loving homes to  our precious puppies!

Our albums are full
but I am researching another album program.
Please send me pictures of your dogs
(always our precious puppies)

I want to make a slide show!



Antonov's Album

Ch Duck Creek's Antonov DeSagres

"Antonov Rylatt"

"Antonov" lives in Denver
with our son Paul and co-owned by
 our daughter-in-law, Catherine Rylatt


2011 Litter - Cha Cha x Andre

Litter Announcement!

Ch Nasha Charovnitsa is Russkoi Dinastii
EuroCh & Jr BIS AKC Ch Angelo s Zolotogo Grada, TT
their litter of 9 puppies

 5 Girls and 4 Boys



BARTACK & NUSHKA - 2011 Litter

Bartack and Nushka  from the Cha Cha 2011 Litter

These two awesome dogs are Service Dogs for Jen and Keith Hinsen!!

They are staying in Colorado!!

Watch for more pictures!!

These two puppies are the rare Black and Tan.  This gene is from the Rottie!  The BnT (as we call them) are very special to us... It reminds of how young the BRT breed really is!

LOLA - 2011 Litter

"Lola" is from Cha Cha's 2011 Litter! 

She is making her home in the Sunshine State of Florida with the
Orlick Family!


STELLA - 2011 Litter

"Stella"  -  Cha Cha's  2011 Litter

Mimi and Larry came all the way from North Carolina to pick up Stella and then they drove home just for "Stella"! 

Mimi and Larry waited for 4 years to get a puppy from us!  They wanted the timing to be right and wanted just the perfect puppy!

Stella stole their hearts from the second they saw her!!!

URIAH - 2011 Litter

Uriah is a beautiful boy out of Cha Cha and Andre!

He lives with the Schauer Family in Arizona!!


VAL - 2011 Litter

Cha Cha 2011 Litter

"Val" Tucker!! 

She is making her home in Houston, Texas with Ronda and Tom!

Tom picked "Val" up and she was ready to go with her new daddy!

She had been sleeping with his T-shirt!  So she she knew who he was right away!
5 weeks

2010 Litter - Cha Cha x Petrovich

Litter Announcement

Ch Nasha Charovnitsa is Russkoi Dinastii
Ch Black Star A-Petrovich
their litter of 8 puppies

4 Girls and 4 Boys 

Little Helen and the puppies

2009 Litter - Cha Cha & Andre Puppies

Litter Announcement
"Cha Cha" & "Andre"

Ch Nasha Charonvnitsa
iz Russkoi Dinastii &
EuroCh & Jr BIS AKC Ch Angelo s Zolotogo Grada, TT
The birth of 10 puppies
January 28, 2009

6 Boys and 4 Girls
Six months

LUKA - 2009 Litter

Luka is a beautiful boy!!!  He is from Cha Cha and Andre

Sybil in the 'Delivery Room'. Belly shaved so I can easily listen for heart beats and better monitor labor.

2007 Litter - Sybil & Andre Puppies

Puppy Announcement

Ch Black Star A-Sybil DeSagres &
 EuroCh & JrBIS AKC Ch Angelo s Zolotogo Grada, TT
The birth of eight puppies
on April 1, 2007

 2 Boys & 6 Girls

Merry Christmas from Stoli's Family!

Stoli Grafe - 2007 Litter - Sybil & Andre

DeSagres Stolichnaya of Maizu

"Stoli Grafe"

"Proud New Family"
Judd & Deanne Grafe and family
His playmates are Lexi and Isaiah and a Savannah Cat and a Habari Cat!

I hear he is now the "Captain Stoli" of Stoli Airlines!

Alina & Sergei Puppies

Alina & Sergei Puppies

"Alina" and "Sergei" Puppies

The Snowline BRTs!...  'Olive' (sitting) 'Raven' (laying) middle, 'Uriah' (sitting)In the front..  'Petrovich' (


Snowline BRTs

Debby & Ken Lynn - California, USA

Debby & Ken own "Sybil's" brother, "Petrovitch"

These are "Petrovitch" x "Raven" Puppies!
'NIKOLA' with Svetlana Zolotova

2006 Dimitrov BRT Specialty

2006 Dimitrov Show - Moscow, Russia