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Is The Black Russian Terrier  Right For You?

The Black Russian Terrier isn't a breed for everyone and requires an experienced owner.

The Black Russian Terrier is a working dog and
should be exercised and socialized on a regular and
ongoing basis.

He or she should be taught to behave in public
around people
and other dogs, otherwise the dog
may exhibit poor behavior and could potentially become overly protective. 

That being said...
The Black Russian is a wonderful family dog when properly trained.  

Excerpt.. from an excellent book about
Black Russian Terriers

The Creation of the Black Russian Terrier
by Donald B. Anderson:
"The Black Russian is a powerful all-round working dog who also exhibits the softness required of a loving family member.  He is intellegient with a strong reasoning capability.  He is smart enough to learn what is expected of him and to quickly determine just how much he can get away with.  He's quick to understand the family peckng order and to learn his place with in this hierachy, but given half the chance, a maturing Black Russian Terrier will test one's resolve to remain alpha leader. " 

Health Testing 

Health testing doesn’t guarantee breeders won’t have problems, but it most certainly helps to improve the Black Russian Terrier. When you consider purchasing your first Black Russian, please be sure the breeder has copies of the health testing of the sire and dam of the puppies you are considering. You may be looking for a wonderful pet and not a show dog, but money spent up front purchasing from a reliable breeder could save you so much more later in vet costs.  Be sure that the breeder you choose to get your puppy from will be available for questions as your dog ages.

Our dogs' health information is on their individual write ups.



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