Animal Planet Dogs 101:  Black Russian Terrier

Animal Planet Video of the Black Russian Terrier



"Mora" & Claire Video

Mora got a score of 99 for her Rally A Excellent test.. and a 1st Place for the competition!!


I snagged this adorable Video from Jenny... tee hee... It's Marmite!

"Marmite" Video!


Danika & "Uncle" Cory on their testing Rally Run through for 1st  Obedience Graduation!
Danika thinks her "Uncle" Cory is the Bomb!!!
                        BTW don't look at Danika's summer clip...  LOL)

Mora's first off lead Rally competition!
She scored a 90!!!! 


"Mojo" with his new housemate!
Looks like they are already great friends!



Scott McMinn's girl "NAUTY" Carting!
(Sybil x Andre Daughter)
As her breeder... I am sooooooo proud!


Mora getting her Obedience Certificate!
(Cha Cha x Andre Puppy)

We are proud of our puppies!

Our Precious "Luka" with his family!  Fall of 2009
(Cha Cha x Andre puppy)


 This is a perfect little video!  
 It tells how I feel!!  Enjoy!




Watch the puppies grow!
Cha Cha' x Andre Puppies - 02/20/2009


If the music doesn't start:
After opening video
Click the white "up-arrow" then click the HQ box to hear the music

Cha Cha x Andre puppies
January 29, 2009


Puppies first breakfast outside 
(Note Darrell's Sexy legs... Woo Hoo!)
Sybil x Andre puppies
Yellow Girl with a toy!

   Puppies turn 3 weeks old!    



More Week Three Videos

The personal protection training videos may disturb some of you but it shows how they are trained to protect. You will see that even if the "bad guy" tries to hit them or hurt them... they do not run away they continue to protect.  I must stress, the dogs only do this on command.  In Russia the dogs must be protection trained as part of their  Championships.  These dogs are still wonderful family members.  Our dog "Da Bear" is our protection dog and he is wonderful around everyone.  But he knows his job and if Darrell gives him a command he goes into action.

You will also see obedience videos... The Black Russian Terrier is an excellent Obedience dog, Tracking dog and Agility dog.



Sybil playing with her puppies
May 2007

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