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we have added Natural Recipes and Training Tips.
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Molly's Homemade Chicken Jerky Recipe


The Black Russian Terrier
History, Minimum Needs, Grooming, Training, etc


7 Stages of a Puppy's Development

We temperament test our puppies at 7 weeks.  The temperament test we use is the one that our dear friend PJ Roche
taught us.  She was the founder of "Freedom Service Dogs, Inc."  and our next door neighbor. You will find the test in the link below.

Temperament Test
Puppy Proofing Your Home

Bringing Your New BRT Puppy Home

Eyes, Ears, Teeth & Elbows

An Old Farmer's Advice



More Treat and Kong Recipes!

Natural flea repellent
(Copied from the Showdogs-List)
Here's the recipe I have from some Collie folks, (hot South Texas – people) who use it say they've never, ever have seen a flea or tick on their dogs or cats.
1.    Take a BIG fat lemon (the more rind the better) and slice it
paper thin.
2.    Put in a  bowl with a tablespoon of crushed rosemary leaves (or a
6 inch sprig of  fresh).
3.    Pour a quart of hot, near boiling water over the lemon/rosemary
4.    Let steep overnight.
5.   Strain and put into a large spray bottle.
6.    Keep in  fridge.
Shake well before applying. The lemon in this spray along with the
rosemary oil will give your dog a beautiful shiny coat and keep fleas
and other bugs away (including mosquitoes, so you get extra heartworm
If your dog has dry skin or allergies add a teaspoon of tea tree oil and
a tablespoon of Aloe pulp. Use the spray at least twice a week to keep
the scent on the coat to repel bugs, and spray it around your doors and
through the carpets. If it's a bad flea time, spray daily on the belly
and feet to repel them. This has worked wonders for many years - and not
only for the dogs, but people when hiking or walking in the woods. No
bug will get near this stuff. And, of course, it's all natural.